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Review Decision about Trademark No. 17905859“ALD aludong”for Rejection

  Applicant: Henan Jixiang Ltd
  Agent: Henan Xianfeng Trademark Office Ltd
  The applicant applied for trademark review to the TRAB on account of disagree with the rejection on trademark “” (No. 17905859) made by CTMO (China Trademark Office).
  We think the applying mark “”is not similar with cited marks No.9743411“”, No.7301354 “”and No.16688959 “”. It could distinguish from them from overall appearance, pronunciation, meaning. Even though they are used on similar goods still can not cause misunderstanding generally. Therefore, the application of applying mark do not constitute the Article 30, Article 31 of Trademark Law refers to the use of the same or similar services.
  According to Article 28, of China Trademark Law, we decide:
  The applying mark will be preliminary approved, and relative procedure would turn over to Trademark Office to complete.