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There are two kinds of Cancellations:

Raised by the China Trademark Office;
Filed to the China Trademark Office.

Item 2 of Article 49 of China Trademark Law:

Where a registered trademark has been a generic name in a category of approved goods, or the mark has not been used for a period for more than 3 years without any justifiable reason, any organization or individual can file the cancellation application on this mark to the Trademark Office.

In accordance with the China Trademark Law:

If your mark has be registered for 3 years but it’s not been used, anyone can file the cancellation application on your mark. Likewise, if your trademark is squatting registered by someone else in China and he did not used the mark for 3 consecutive years after the registration, you can raise the cancellation application against it and get the good opportunity to register your mark in your name.