What are included in our Search Report?

1. Accord with the Law
Make sure the trademark will not violate the China Trademark Law.
3. Risk Assessment and Advice
Base on the search result, the risk assessment and professional advice will be given by the attorneys.

2. Identical &Similar Search
Search in the CTMO database and check that if there is any identical or similar prior mark. 3. Risk Assessment and Advic
4. Local Popularity Search
Search the trademark in the China search engine and check if the mark is under use in China.
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How To Order
1.Fill out a simple online form in this link
2.A Trademark Account Manager will contact you within 24 hours
3.Prepare the required documents
4.The trademark will be filed within 1-2 business day

Registration Process in China

Recommendations: China
1. File your trademark in China. Even if you do not plan yet to extend your business to the country. It is especially important to file your trademark in China if you plan to place an order to some manufacturer. Trademark squatting is very common in China, therefore, the country must be on your list of the most important countries.
2. After registration, it is vital to use your trademark in China within 3 years from the registration date. If you do not use your trademark for 3 years, it might be cancelled.
3. If an objection is raised against your application, we will have only 30 days to respond to the objection, no extensions available. Our attorney will require at least 10 days to prepare his response, therefore, be sure that you receive our notifications.

Our prices include everything for a straightforward process of registration. The prices do not include any legal defenses in case of oppositions or objections.